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Move In / Move Out Home Cleaning Service

Moving out of or into a place can be a stressful thing. Even when you have everything planned out, the process can be time and energy consuming. At XYZ Cleaning Services, we handle the stress of moving in/out of houses and apartments. This gives you more time to do other things. Like decide the best position for your vintage sofa.

Every regular cleaning includes one (1) bathroom, kitchen, common living room and selected bedroom(s). You can always order more bathrooms and bedrooms cleaned. We also bring all the necessary cleaning supplies, including a portable vacuum cleaner and a Swiffer. If you need any special cleaning products used, just leave them out for your cleaning professional!

**Please note in your booking that you are scheduling an Airbnb turnaround cleaning. Note specific instructions of how you want the turnaround service completed for your guests. **

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$95/Hr for 3 CLEANERS

Custom Cleanings

1 hour minimum 

Cleaning Products Included

For Custom Jobs, Lofts, Private Homes, Apartment, and Townhomes

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$ 75 Weekly

$90  Every 2 Weeks

1.5 – 2.5 Hours Estimated Time

One Bedroom



$95.00 Weekly

$109.00 Every 2 Weeks

2 – 2.5 Hours Estimated Time

Two Bedroom



$100  Weekly

$115  Every 2 Weeks

2.5 – 3 Hours Estimated Time

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Wipe door handles and light switches
  • Make beds with existing linen (washing linens will incur an extra fee)
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Pick up clothes off floor, fold and place on a chair
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Take out garbage and recycling


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, bathtub and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Wipe door handles and light switches
  • Wipe down all tile walls
  • Vacuum, or sweep and mop floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and change bag


  • Empty sink and load dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wash and scrub sink
  • Wash cabinet faces and appliances
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Dust and wipe clean countertops surfaces including tiles or backsplash
  • Wipe door handles and light switches
  • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Wipe down stove, outside oven and outside fridge
  • Sweep, clean and mop all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling
  • Extras (upon request)

For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras.
All extras add on an additional hour of time and cost.

  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside fridge
  • Inside oven
  • Laundry wash, dry and fold
  • Baseboards
  • Interior windows
  • Interior walls

You can be a new tenant or a landlord about to house a new tenant, thorough move in/out cleaning makes the transition easy. And of course move out cleaning has its perks, like collecting your security deposit for example.

Our move in/out cleaning services differ from standard cleaning in subtle ways.

Why Hire Us ?

We are committed to making your moving experience as hassle-free as possible. We are also committed to helping you create first impressions, whether as an old tenant vacating the space for new people, or as a landlord leasing his house out to new tenants.

We are also a fully licensed and insured company with dozens of 5-star reviews online. You can check out testimonials page or check or do a quick Google search and check us out.


 The cost of our cleaning services varies according to the size of the space and the specific needs of clients. To have an idea of our costing and pricing policy, click here. We would love to hear from you.