Residential Cleaning

Residential Services

The welcoming smell of a clean living space can lead to better productivity, easier atmosphere for relaxation and a better space to host cozy social functions with close friends and family. If it’s just a comfortable night in you’re after, think how relaxing the smell of freshly vacuumed rugs, dust free settings or taking a bubble bath in a freshly scrubbed bathtub would be. It is by far one of the most relaxing and the most satisfying things in the world.

How about we help you slip from the tedium right to the satisfaction part? XYZ Cleaning Services offers premium quality cleaners to give you that satisfaction and many more benefits.

Why Trust us with your House?

This one’s a doozy. Think of all the things you’d rather do than clean your house. Cleaning your house is time consuming, energy consuming and if you have to do it on a hot day,it  probably won’t leave you in the best of moods.

Why go through the chore when you can get quality cleaners who clean as a profession? It takes less time and with properly trained cleaners like ours, we’ll be in and out of your space with as little intrusion as possible, as quick as possible.

The best part is your home is left clean, spacious and smelling great. You can use the time freed up to put finishing touches on that presentation you might have for the office the next day, get in more time for better meal prep, use that time to just relax and unwind. The possibilities are endless, why not let us make your life less stressful?

We have no Overhead Costs!

As a small home grown company, we don’t worry about profiting unfairly off you. The focus is and has always been the quality of our work.

At XYZ cleaning services we know your home is where your heart is and we are dedicated to respecting the sanctity of such a position. Our cleaning teams come with 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of cleaning services at your disposal. Each service is budget friendly, costing anywhere from $25-$35 depending how thoroughly you want your house cleaned.

We have professionals trained for every kind of cleaning situation and if your preferred cleaning method isn’t on offer, you can call to get a quick estimate on a flat rate for the services you need. As a bonus if you’re a first time customer you get 20% off your estimate.

We are Trustworthy

With thorough background checks on both employees and prospective employees, you can be rest assured that who you’re letting into your home is trustworthy. As a family based company there’s no need for worry on your part.

We have a dedicated staff giving you the best type of cleaning services you need at affordable prices. We use the best tools, the best type of equipments and have been in the business of cleaning for close to a decade. That simply means we know what we are doing.

When your house is cleaned by professionals it actually helps your furniture, flooring and walls last longer, maintaining their look for longer periods of time. If your home is filled with things that you take extra care of, no problem! Once we are notified, we will take extra care of it while cleaning. Having us clean your house is a better alternative to basically every other cleaning service out there or DIY cleaning.

We at XYZ cleaning services understand the importance of a home, which is why we are a company dedicated to taking your needs and making them our own. We enjoy creating a space you can thrive in, without the worry of clutter or the thought of your next spring cleaning hanging over your head.

We are here to make your house, cleaner, brighter and smelling fresher, with our team of highly trained and highly skilled cleaners, all your cleaning solutions are just a call away. Let us take care of it.