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Whether your windows are at home or at the office, keeping them clean is important for a number of reasons. Not only do clean windows let in more natural light, but they also create a better first impression for guests and customers. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can follow to make window cleaning a breeze. Here at XYZ Window Cleaning, we offer custom residential and commercial cleaning services.

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    Why is Window Cleaning Important ?

    • Clean windows allow more daylight to enter.
    • Clean windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property.
    • Dirty glass can easily get scratched and etched.
    • Grime on windows restricts or distorts views and harbors microorganisms.

    XYZ Cleaning Services Provides Best Window Cleaning Services in CT

    XYZ offers the best window cleaning services using cutting-edge tools (while several automated tools are used, labor is not completely minimized, and the cleaners do perform some basic cleaning procedures manually) and safe products.

    Before the actual process is started, the window cleaners assess the quality and condition of the glass to understand what kind of equipment and tools to use. This way, the cleaners know which part of the windows needs special attention and which parts need to be avoided.

    The ecological aspects of using window cleaning products and usage of water are two main aspects that window cleaning companies often overlook. While XYZ Cleaning Services uses water, we do not waste, and the products used are safe and considered to be “green” as they do not contain any harsh chemicals.

    Our Window Cleaning Process

    Our window cleaning procedure strikes the right balance between manual and automated procedures. We use eco-friendly products to clean the windows. Depending upon the floor, the windows that need to be cleaned are on, different sized ladders are used. All ladders have stand-off arms that are padded to protect the trims, gutters, and siding of windows and they also have leg levelers in case the ground is uneven.

    XYZ Cleaning Services adopts an eco-friendly process, free from any harsh chemicals, and ensures that no dirty water spots are left. All screens are cleaned free of cost and the frames and window sills are thoroughly wiped. If the glass has any paint spots or stickers, then those are carefully removed and the spots are hand cleaned. The details of the cleaning process are discussed in the following points.

    • A strip washer (a specialized brush used by window cleaners) is used to lather the windows with soap and water. The soap used is not harsh and is eco-friendly.
    •  After the initial cleaning with soap and water, a deep cleaning process is applied. Here, depending upon the composition and UV tinting of the glass, good quality steel wool or titanium razor blades are used. Steel wool or razor blades remove any unwanted layers of paint, stickers, bits of plaster, fly or bird droppings, spider web track marks, and any other material that might have gotten stuck or splashed against the windows.
    • Now, the dirty water that covers the windows is removed using squeegees and the glass (corners, frames, dry edges, or sills) is dried with lint-free towels so that no residue is left. Squeegees are quite convenient as they sluice the water and the dirt mixture from the window glass.
    • If any spot is still left, then it is cleaned using steel wool.
    • Soap and water are used to clean the window screens.
    • Once all the windows are cleaned, the company will submit a full report. This report gives details about the condition of the windows as assessed during cleaning. Fogged thermal panes, scratches, cracks or nicks on the glass are identified and possible measures are suggested in the report. If there are any cracks on the windows, then they are only wiped with a towel, but no steps are taken to get rid of them. We will let you know of these tracks and you can employ a house cleaner to clean them more

    XYZ Cleaning Services offers service that is not only detailed but also extremely convenient. The cleaners will make sure that any furniture or objects in front of the windows are removed and covered with towels to protect the linens or bedding from soapy water drips. Even the carpet (if you have near the windows) is covered. The cleaners will also take off their shoes to maintain environmental hygiene inside your home.

    Our Varied Window Cleaning Services

    XYZ Cleaning Services provides various window cleaning services and each of them is specific to different types of requirements. Depending upon the kind of windows a client has, the services vary. Three most common and popular services are discussed below.

    • Residential Window Cleaning

    XYZ has years of experience in providing top-grade cleaning services for residential windows. Their chemical-free, eco-friendly procedures which involve both manual and technology based tools, clean windows extremely well, without any hassle. The cleaning process is not only thorough, but it is also very quick.

    • Commercial Window Cleaning

    For commercial buildings, XYZ Cleaning Services offers specialized cleaning services. Assessing the conditions of the windows, XYZ experts draw up an approximate plan and give an estimate of the price, on-site. Even if you have a regular window cleaner, XYZ will give you a competitive estimate pricing that you can compare, or refer to whenever there is a need for certain cleaning services that your usual cleaning company does not include in the package.

    • High Rise Window Cleaning

    XYZ is fully insured and their cleaners do a great job in undertaking high rise window cleaning. They can reach windows and clean over-building caps, go around large balconies or any other aspects of a high rise that might appear to be an obstacle. Using advanced methods of cleaning, and good quality products, XYZ cleaners get the work done fast and without causing inconvenience.

    Our Other Services

    • Replacement of the window glass
    • Replacement and cleaning of window screens
    • High ladder cleaning

    Wait no more. Take the right steps towards cleanliness, and hire our window cleaning services today.