How to Clean Wood Floors Easily

How to Clean Wood Floors Easily

We all agree on one thing: wood floor does make our house beautiful. However, without proper cleaning, that perfect look will not last for long. These steps will teach you how to clean your wood floors easily.

Determine the finish

First, let’s try to find out the finishing type. Until today, we have three types of wood floor finishes. They include prefinished, unfinished, and shiny floors. These are the basic types. Some of you might have heard other forms other than this, perhaps from your apartment cleaning company or someone else. However, they are all the extension of these three categories.

The first two categories are easy to spot. Prefinished boards have bevelled edges, while the unfinished boards have glossy surfaces. The last group is a bit tricky. It is invisible to our naked eye. So, we need a little trick to find it out. You are going to need a moistened, extra fine steel wool. Once you have it, rub it on the board. Now, observe the boards. You are looking for any grey smudge. If it appears, it proves you have a shiny/wax finish. We have also created a guide on how to clean laminate wood floors.

Sweep and mop the floor each week

There are two crucial parts in cleaning your wood floors: sweeping and mopping. By sweeping the boards, you can remove any grit, sand, and other large particles. I usually recommend a soft-bristled broom. However, if you do not have this, you can also use a vacuum. If you use a vacuum cleaner, set the device to “bare floor”. This setting will prevent the machine from scratching your floor.

Mopping is the next step. Unlike some people might have heard, mopping hardwood is probably more complicated. You are going to need a cleaning agent, instead of just plain water. You are also going to spend more time doing this step. However, we do assure you that the final result is worth it.

Now, please allow me to deliver the tips. It is time to clean your wood floors without haste.

Use the right cleaning agent

Water is usually enough to clean your boards. However, if there are still some sand and grease, you may need to switch to alkaline cleaning agent. We recommend baking soda, soaps, or detergents. To dissolve mineral deposits or hard water, please use an acidic cleaner, such as lemon juice or white vinegar.

Also, please avoid some cleaning agents such as abrasive cleaners, ammonia, and bleach. These substances usually leave residue on your boards and damage them.

Dilute with a bucket of water

Some cleaning agents are acidic or alkaline. By diluting them with a bucket of water, you can prevent the cleaning solution from damaging your floor.

Follow the grain of the wood

Once you have diluted the cleaning agent, start mopping. First, let us always remember one thing. Cleaning your wood floor while still wearing shoes is never a good idea. Instead of getting what you need, you will only get.‘bonus’ marks on the surface. When this happens, you just have one option: clean it all over again.

While mopping the surface, make sure you are following the grain of the wood. It is a trick a cleaning company usually does. It helps, for sure. Start in the farthest corner and run it carefully towards the door.

Use cloth for tough areas

Some areas might be more challenging to clean than other spots. Do not worry, however. You only need a rag and a cleaning solution for this job. Take the cleaning solution and dip the fabric in it. Next, scrub it over stains. Apply pressures as necessary.

Soak excess liquid

As of now, you have done cleaning the whole surface. However, the previous process might leave dirty water on your boards. It is crucial to have only one thing in this job: clean surfaces. First, change your dirty water with a clean one. Then, run your mop across the surface. Apply light pressure as we only want the mop to pick up the dirty water. Rinse and squeegee it as necessary. Repeat this step until the surface is dry.

Please remember, you should never postpone this step. Regardless the type of finish you have, your wood floors are not moisture-friendly. If you leave the surface wet for too long, it will only damage them.

Rinse the floor

Use a clean mop to rinse your floor with plain water. This treatment will help you to remove any dulling or streaky traces on the surface.


Hope this article has given you a few tips and points to consider to keep your home cleaned. If you are a busy professional you can also consider hiring a local cleaning company near Check us out and contact us today!