Commercial Cleaning

Ever wondered the difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning? People think commercial cleaning is
just a large scale residential cleaning. Not really

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    The difference

    The difference is in the type of dirt produced and hence, cleaning methods used to handle the dirt. Residential cleaning services are centered on milder cleaning methods for dirt in residential houses.

    Commercial cleaning

    While commercial cleaning services use cleaning chemicals, solvents and machineries to clean dirt produced in offices, buildings and retail stores.

    Commercial cleaning services is also a broad scope of cleaning services that include:

    • Janitorial cleaning services
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Commercial carpet cleaning
    • Commercial window cleaning

    You can also say commercial cleaning is a more detailed cleaning compared to residential cleaning. For example residential carpet cleaning involves use of low cost vacuum cleaner for removing dust and debris from carpet surfaces. Commercial carpet cleaning involves use of thorough methods like dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Does this mean you should hire commercial cleaners for residential spaces? Of course not. For one, commercial cleaning is more expensive than residential spaces. And of course, commercial cleaning services use heavy duty chemicals and methods that are a tad too harsh for residential spaces.

    XYZ Cleaning Services

    At XYZ Cleaning Services we offer premium cleaning services to commercial buildings. Our cleaning methods are thorough, effective and safe for commercial buildings. Whether it’s a mold infestation or polishing of dull grimy floors, we got you covered.
    Some of our premium services include

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    We do more than just vacuuming. We take it a step further by using steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods. When steam cleaning, we use hot water jets and cleaning detergents to spray into the deeper layers of carpets. The dirty water is then vacuumed always to reveal clean, debris free carpet underneath. For our dry cleaning methods we use very low moisture to reach the deeper layers of carpets more quickly and thoroughly than residential carpet cleaning. Our commercial vacuum cleaners are powerful industrial cleaners with added exhaust filters to reduce pollution during cleaning.

    Hard Floor Scrubbing and Polishing
    We use floor scrubbing machines that can scrub floors in a short amount of time. We also polish and buff floors for an extra shine.

    Commercial Window Cleaning.
    We have taken our commercial cleaning services a step further by using a wide variety of microfiber cloths and window squeegees. We also use rollers to cover more surface area in shorter time, and of course jet washing machines to reach high windows.

    Commercial Mopping –  For effective commercial mopping, we have a suitable range of dense and large microfiber mop heads to cover large surfaces in no time. If you are in doubt, here are five reasons to hire XYZ cleaning services today.

    Timed Response – Our responses are timely.  We understand that time is money and time wasted is money lost. We offer services that are best suited and adapted to the varied needs of our customers. We are flexible, although we typically work during off peak hours.

    Efficiency – At XYZ Cleaning Services, we offer thorough cleaning services for commercial buildings. We have a vision to lead the cleaning industry in our area and we are driven by this vision to provide thorough service to customers. The bedrock of our efficiency and thoroughness is our customer feedback system

    Customer Care – We succeed because we take feedback from customers seriously. We know that customers drive a business so we take advantage of this by listening to complaints, suggestions and trends from customers.  

    Eco Friendly – As much as possible, we follow standardized cleaning procedures that are both animal, plant and environment friendly. Our products are mostly biodegradable products that can be recycled into the environment.

    Experienced Hands – We believe our most treasured feature is our wealth of experience in cleaning and handling different textures and design of carpets and floors with unique cleaning needs. We gathered this experience over time and through our attention to detail and the specific needs of customers. Commercial cleaning services are timely, effective and eco friendly. Here at XYZ Cleaning Services, we offer all that and more. Why not try us today?